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Leisure Chairs | Yellow | set of 2

Leisure Chairs | Yellow | set of 2

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This luxurious set of 2 Leisure Chairs ensures elegant dining experiences every time, with double backs and handrails for support, along with iron feet and soft padded seats for extra comfort. Crafted for maximum aesthetic pleasure and functional convenience, these chairs will bring an aura of sophistication and refinement to any interior.

1. 7.08 *6.7inch seat cushion soft pad, which is 0.78 inch thick. There are matching covers on the backrest to add color.

2. There is a handle on the back to carry the chair to a suitable area.

3. Double back support, comfortable 15 ° tilt angle, ergonomic design, can effectively support the back pressure.

4. The chair legs are solid and straight, with a wall thickness of 0.35mm. There is a mute pad at the end of the angle, which will not scratch your floor.

Leisure Chair dinning chair with double backs and Handrail, iron foot with pad, seat with soft pad  set of 2

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