CEWOR 6pcs Artificial Succulents Fake Potted Plants Faux Plastic Mini Pots for Home Office Bathroom Table Desk Bedroom Arrangements Decoration

Package: includes 6 different mini artificial succulent potted plants. They are colorful and cute.
Size: the plastic pots are 1.77in×1.96in, the total height of these plants is 3.14-4.52 inches.
Materials: pots and plants are made of high quality plastic, and the surface of the basin is covered with sand. Exquisite dyeing technology makes potted plants more beautiful.
Usage: these lovely plants are widely used. You can put them on the shelf, or put them on the desk, table, TV cabinet and so on. It's a good choice to decorate your bedroom, living room and bathroom with them. They are colorful and lively, so they are very suitable for home decoration.